First Session

Vaegar's Grave

Players Present

  • Dirk: Pygar, Kalashtar Cleric
  • Filip: Halfdir, Human Ranger
  • Sander: Saetar, Human Invoker
  • Stijn: Barack, Human Paladin
  • Thomas: Dale Greenhand, Halfling Druid
  • Vincent: Vimak, Goliath Barbarian

Exp Gained: 550


After much discussion, you decided on going to the mage Torveiga to find out exactly how she came to the isolated peninsula a few years ago, as opposed to finding the druid Zor or going into the mountain range to the north to check out the pass.

Torveiga claims she wants to trade the item she used to access the island, in exchange of a certain artefact in the possesion of Maerl Ark, or moreso his ancestor Vaegar Ark. Maerl Ark has access to the grave under Arkenhold. You decide on going to the pass anyway, but as you come by the city, check with Maerl how his feelings are over Torveiga’s proposal. Alltough you pride and prod Torveigawith questions, you can not sense her true motives. However, the whole attitude of the beautifull mage, alltough extremely friendly, is one of dishonesty: you suspect that there might be something fishy about the artefact, which she claims is a bowl that warms water to cooking temperature.

Maerl Ark, it turns out, knew all along about Torveiga’s plan. However, he claims she is not after the bowl, which doesn’t contain magic at all, but after the ring it contains. His ancestor was said to be a great adventurer and a intrepid explorer: legend goes he has been to the lands of the black elves. The story goes that he would have done so with this ring, given to him by the gods. Alltough he does not want you to retrieve the ring, you are authorised to take the bowl without the ring. At the same time, he asks that you consult his ancestor on the current state of being of Arkenhold and if the gods have a plan for Arkenhold. He gives you 2 keys in the form of small stone figurines: a sun and a hammer. After that, he leads you down to the basement where he opens a door pushing a stone ship figurine into the door. A spiraling staircase appears before you. As you enter, the door closes behind you and a small increment in the form of a house is seen in the stone. The door has dissapeared.

The staircase leads down into a enormous underground cavern. As Maerl had pointed out, next to the entrance stand several vats of wine: the temperature is the cavern is much warmer than the temperature outside and therefor excellent for storage of wine. You hear sounds down in the cavern: a group of troglodytes has taken up residence, also possibly because of the warmth. As you approach and attack, the troglodyte smell weakens your attack. Clusters of eggs are spread around the camp and crushing these releases more weakening stench. You kill all the troglodytes in a long, exhausting battle and find the following items:

  • A golden torque (Viking necklace)
  • A horn music instrument
  • 2 magic items, lvl 11 and 12, beautifully decorated with runes and scenes of battle.



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