Second Session


Players Present

  • Dirk: Pygar, Kalashtar Cleric
  • Sander: Saetar, Human Invoker
  • Stijn: Barack, Human Paladin
  • Thomas: Dale Greenhand, Halfling Druid
  • Vincent: Vimak, Goliath Barbarian


Vaegar Ark

After valiantly defeating the troglodytes, the group checks out the ransacked grave of Vaegar Ark. Vimak replaced places the torque found in the troglodyte camp back with other valuables found on the ship-grave and it almost seems like some skin returns to the Vaegar’s skeleton. They blow the horn and immediatly seven angels appear, urging the heroes to respect their ancestor and restore the grave.

They set to work: they put the body of the girl saccrified with Vaegar back on the table with Vaegar, Barack pledges his blood, the golden items Vaegar collected during his lifetime are rearanged on the table and the food and wine is replenished from their rations and Maerl’s stock.

The angels dissapear and Vaegar breaths his first breath: the skeleton looks now like an able-bodied man in his thirties dressed in full armor. Vaegar Ark stretches his legs and arms and starts taking of his armor to be a bit more comfortable, while he addresses the heroes.

Through Vaegar they find out that, in Vaegar’s lifetime, the gods decided they needed an easy way to travel through the different planes unnnoticed. Therefor they erected seven portals. Soon after however, creatures from these planes started erupting from the portal. So the Gods asked Vaegar, the most valiant warrior of his time, to construct a city over the portals to make sure nothing came out. When the Ragnarok came, the Gods would be able to ride through the portals and come upon their enemies from another direction. Vaegar advised the group to check out the portals: perhaps someone in any of the other dimensions of existences had an advantage to isolate Arkenhold and therefor the portals.

The portals are hidden deep inside the caves under Arkenhold. There are ways down: The first way is through a platform that can be lowered into the deep caves. Dangerous, but quick! The second way is through the graves of Vaegar’s companions. A river runs through the grave and by building a raft and descending the river they should reach the portals as well.

But, are the portals really the answer to the problem? Maybe not…

The Mountain Pass

The group decides that more investigation into the matter is needed and that they should either check out the lost druid Zor or the murderous mountain pass. After a long discussion, they decide upon the mountain pass and travel north to the basecamp Isa set up.

They travel for 5 days and come to the basecamp. The camp is small, just a few tents, and two scouts stay there permanently together with Isa. Isa’s enthusiasm is striking: after all, Maerl forbid her to send more scouts into the mountains because they all came back dead and mutilated. Able men who want to go willingly, is a blessing to her. She tells them that after a day’s travel, they should reach the house of an old woman, who is said to be in contact with the gods. She is only known as the oracle, but she is friendly.

For a full day the group travels through the mountain: thick snow makes passage difficult and often wolves are heard howling. Nothing special happens, until the pass ends and turns to a deep canyon with a rope bridge over. At the other side, there is a bell and a basket to go up the cliff towards the tower of the oracle. Wolves beset the players and a manticore attacks anyone who goes up with the basket. After a long battle against the wolf horde, they manage to make it to the entrance of the tower.

In front of the entrance is a small wooden box with three crystal balls wrapped in velvet cloth. With it, is a note saying ‘Some help to disperse the illusions.’, signed with a raven and a sun symbol.



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