Third Session

Meeting with the Oracle


  • Dirk: Pygar, Kalashtar Cleric
  • Sander: Saetar, Human Invoker
  • Stijn: Barack, Human Paladin
  • Thomas: Dale Greenhand, Halfling Druid
  • Vincent: Vimak, Goliath Barbarian

Experience gained: unknown


The players enter the tower of the oracle, to find themselves in a room with carved out faces lining the wall. Puzzled, the try to see what is the meaning of it. Vimak runs ahead and gets hit by a flame coming out of the mouth of the first carved face. Barack then sneaks ahead, under the flame to find an balcony on the other side. He attaches a rope to the balcony above them and climbs up. The others follow.

The second floor is a cosy home: comfy cushions line the walls, a woman is working up the hearth to rise a flame and there are foods and drinks on the table. A silk drapery covers half of the room and when the players check, a woman is making up the bed, smiling at them and welcoming. Saetar moves ahead and gracefully accepts the offered drinks. When the woman touches him, a scratch appears on his arm. Immediatly, the others think of the mysterious crystal balls left left for them outside and smash one to the ground. The three women become vicious harpies and the room their messy den. Realising their discovery, they attack the group.

Harpies defeated, the party takes the stairs to the final floor. The last floor is a singly room, with cushions lined against on a sofa. On the sofa, a harpy is sleeping and demons are all around her, pestering her. The party throws down the second crystal ball and when it shatters, the harpy awakens and helps the party defeat the demons.

After the battle, the harpy turns out to be the Oracle Isa told the players about. Usually however, she keeps to the human form as not to scare the humans. But she is one of the last of her kinds: most of the harpies have gone wild since the enclosure around Arkenhold. But the scouts were not killed by her tribe. She has been unable to extend her vision, but she fears the evil comes from deeper into the mountains, from the trading post that the people of the east set up. One person before the players made it through to her and Onehand, as she calls him, has allready set out to the trading village to see what has occured there. She advises the group to follow him.



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