• Isa


    Isa is leader of the scouts of Arkenhold. Working closely together with Sjorvar the druid, she is trying to find a pass through the mountains, leading out of Arkenhold Peninsula.
  • Maerl Ark

    Maerl Ark

    Leader of Arkenhold
  • Onehand


    A lonely traveller
  • Pygar


    Everything has it's price... Except the mighty warriors of the clanholds. Clearly, I am not one of them.
  • Sjorvar


    Sjorvar is druid for Arkenhold, his aspect is the polar bear.
  • Torveiga


    A wandering mage with a way out of Arkenhold. But her power comes at a hefty price...
  • Vaegar Ark

    Vaegar Ark

    Clan Founder and Intrepid Explorer
  • Zor


    The druid of the whale fled Arkenhold, screaming in rage towards the gods.