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The world stops at the beginning of the taiga, where a new world begins. Clans uphold a tense balance of power from their fortresses.

Your whole life you have lived in the fortified city of Arkenhold, one of the most impenetrable fortresses in northern regions. A solid wooden palissade forms a protective barrier to the city, where large stone houses hold families and animals alike. For the last three decades however, the lords of Ark have had different problems that are not solved by wooden palissades or stone houses.

Thirty-five years ago the ice grew around the peninsula Arkenhold was located on and closed it shut. Unable to gain access by sea, scouts were sent over the mountainrange to the north. After a a weeks time, their lifeless bodies were found at the Arkenhold basecamp, horribly mutilated.

Arkenhold survives through hunt and fishing, but the old grow restless: blood has to be renewn every so often and the young warriors need to be able to prove their worth.

Home Page

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