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The old mans bones creak with every step he takes on the spiraling staircase, which winds deeper and deeper into the depths under Arkenhold. A drop of water falls on top of your head, a chill runs down your spine. You pull your hood up over your head and eyes and keep following. The stairs come to an abrupt stop and in front of you is a large wooden door, which the old man slowly pulls open “Youngster, the knowledge of Arkenhold is at your disposal! Let us see what we can find you that is useful to your quest.” the old man beckons you inside.

Welcome to the Vault

The clan is there at the beginning…

When a man or woman is born, he receives the last name of his clan and family, as a token that the father’s family welcomes to new born into this realm and into the clanhold. The choice of the first name, however, is what binds the child to his mother.

The organisation of a clan rests on certain key persons. First of these, is the Warrior, who protects the clan, hunts for food and sheds blood for the honor of the gods and the clan, in order for him to join valhalla. Warriors are the foundation of the clan, which all other people support. Scouts travel around the territory in search of prey and enemies, often finding paths the warrior did not find to reach a special animal or hunting ground. The Druid assures the support of the gods in the ventures undertaken, both by blessings if needed and by rage and blood where possible.

Belonging to no clan, is the Mage. The mage travels around the world, from ruin to ruin, fortress to fortress, in search of magic to increase his or her power.

... and the Gods greet you at the end.

The Arkenhold campaign uses the Norse Pantheon (Odin, Thor, Frey).

The Group


This giant goliath woke up in the temple of Balder, unknowingly how he had come there. He named himself Vimak. As he had nowhere to go in Arkenhold, Pygar, Saetar, Barack and Dale Greenhand accepted him in the party.



Dale Greenhand

Growing up in the wilds, this halfling druid is one with the wolves living throughout the peninsula.


First to enter battle, last to go down: this paladin is constantly ready to shed his blood for the honour of the god Balder.

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